Economic Crisis Has Begun The Belarusian Ruble Is Collapse

We have a huge internal problem a very serious political crisis a legal default since the laws that they themselves have invented do not work The economic crisis has begun the Belarusian ruble is collapsing All of this adds up to a kind of puzzle Citizens.

Can no longer they have said enough says the opposition With her characteristic very short blonde hair and always dressed casually in some white garment and something red like the traditional Belarusian flag that has become a symbol of the opposition.

She attends almost all protests against electoral fraud and marches together to the citizens Despite having received threats he refuses to hire security personnel

Kolesnikova always insists that you cannot give in to provocation and fears that at some point there will be artificial riots that Lukashenko will use as an excuse to apply his iron fist more forcefully.

Return to the policy of mass arrests and police brutality like the first of the protests where there were 7000 detainees hundreds injured and at least four dead

The trio of opponents has mobilized the entire civil societyBut women are playing a prominent role leading some marches and trying to prevent with human chains the arrest of peaceful protesters And that against a leader who has been characterized by his macho comments has something poetic.

Especially because acknowledges Kolesnikova Belarus is a very patriarchal country Lukashenko with her stupid statements calling us poor and disrespecting a woman has done more for feminism in this country than all the feminists among whom I find myself.

The history of feminism is a long process not everyone will become a feminist in a blink of an eye but it insulted women and perhaps for the first time in their lives many and many realized that we have the same rights as men and they took to the streets says the old flute player.

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