Spain Main Landscape has Changed Radically

It is an unusual summer for live music in Spain musical landscape has radically changed in the country with more summer competitions from all over Europe, but also the way in which artists get on stage to share their music with an audience dressed in masks.

In the midst of the fear of the pandemic and the lack of institutional support, musicians and spectators live each concert as if it were the last. Of the month, of the year, of who knows.

“We all have the feeling that it may be the last. Those of us who are in this are eager to get out. Despite the masks and all that, music takes you to a better place and does us all a lot of good.

Now the public lives the concerts like a delicatessen. Uncertainty has filled everything with an air of farewell ”, reflects Alejandro Pelayo, a member of Marlango with Leonor Watling. Sitting in the garden of a rural house in A Estrada (Pontevedra), where at night they will offer a concert under the trees for less than 200 people, both compare today with yesterday.

For every concert they give this summer they offered before 12. By now they had a clear agenda until Christmas (also their income). “And we are two authors who are the owners of the project, we can reinvent ourselves, but the musicians who make a living playing in various groups are going to have a terrible time. I am very concerned with more complex things, such as orchestras, dance groups or classical music, ”says Watling.

Even they lack certainty about their professional future: “We still have to stop too. I’m not saying it in a plaintive tone, there is that real possibility. Anyone who has had the wisdom to save may be able to hold on, but most of us pay for our day-to-day concerts. If they stop, we will have to think about other things ”, says the pianist.

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