Large Human Skull Found in United Kingdom Lake

He worked two hours a day, sometimes four liked to lie about his age always young never performed in circuses he rented an apartment and on the main floor he would put on the short show.

would raise his arms turn and take the clients under his legs rest of the day he stayed in the room, reading and smoking and at night he went out for a walk Large Skull said to be found in UK Lake.

“Once in Paris he prepared a fight with two dwarves. The giant set up his business, made a lot of money, and had whatever fun he could. It is clear that it was exhibited because it wanted to and that it was neither exploited nor was it a mistreated monster.

He spoke Basque, but his Spanish, English and French were broken traveled by boat and by rail Handia is very good as a film, but it has nothing to do with reality, ”says historian Luis Ángel Sánchez.

Aitor Arregi , co-director of the film, researched and wrote the script before the historian published his investigations.

He explains that “there are no documents” and that “there are only brushstrokes that feed on mythology.” “We made the effort to try to understand what he lived and how he felt, a passive person with financial needs.

We believe that he did not want to leave Altzo, but he had no choice, ”says the filmmaker, who was allowed by fiction to create a new story that did not satisfy the family. Dámaso Zubeldia, a sixth generation descendant of the giant, does not believe in that filmed image: “He did not go hungry and recent research shows that he had an amazing life. No poor man, he went to cities with many inhabitants to get goose pasta, ”says Zubeldia.

The files show a person who wisely managed his money, who made loans to the townspeople and took those who did not pay back to court; that he had a representative for only a few months, the first time, when he performed in Donosti, and immediately broke the contract with José Antonio Arzadun from Navarra claiming that he would not let him go to mass.

Although a year of touring the United Kingdom seemed to cool that religious practice. Two weeks after his death, he changed his will and disowned his older brother to hand over his assets to his father. Why this change at the last minute against who accompanied him on European tours? The documents reveal the what, but not the why.

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