Screen Divided Into Squares is not Equivalent to the Launch Date

Trump also has no plans to travel to Charlotte, and the invisible enemy, as the president likes to call him, has teamed up his plans to move the sarao to Jacksonville (Florida). Conventions are traditionally an event that allows the party to come together, ending the divisive primary season. The union, in this case, will also be virtual.

Fundraising, another of the senses of conventions, has also moved to virtual territory, where there is still much to innovate. A screen divided into squares is not equivalent to the pull of rubbing shoulders with celebrities at dinners for thousands of dollars a place setting.

But the trend towards online micro-donations , consolidated in the primaries by anti- establishment candidates like Bernie Sanders, opens up new possibilities.

After the conventions, Biden has also announced that he will not hold meetings. Trump assures that he will, but sounded punctures like the one he starred in at his first pandemic rally, in Tulsa (Oklahoma), fill his determination with doubts.

Not only was he unable to fill more than a third of the capacity, but the lack of caution of some bases that follow or exaggerate the denialist speech of his idol caused, according to local authorities, a rebound in covid cases in the county.

The following attempts have not been more encouraging, to the point that he canceled a rally in Alabama and another in New Hampshire, in the latter citing a tropical storm that failed to hit.

They will send, then, the tele-meetings , a neologism already coined by the Trump campaign. But they will hardly make up for the lack of fan fuss.

The absence of face-to-face mass adulation, a key element of Trumpism, will erode its mythomania. Biden will also lose without physical contact, where he performs with ease, but many in his environment rub their hands at a low-profile campaign devoid of a spontaneity that would lead to the usual mistakes of the boss.

All this will put more focus on the debates between candidates, which will begin a month after the conventions conclude. The first two between Biden and Trump, on September 29 and October 15, have had to move from city to city due to the pandemic. The third and last is scheduled for October 22, and the vice presidents, on 7 of that month.

Debating is not Biden’s strong suit, and the Trump campaign has long gloated about it, which can lower expectations for the Democrat so much that it makes it easier for him to exceed them.

But the great challenge of these elections is called to be the management of remote voting. The last stages of the primaries have highlighted the difficulties of counting votes by mail.

The pandemic has created logistical and even constitutional problems Delays, lawsuits in court, technical challenges. In a state as little suspicious of marginal as New York, the dramatic increase in voting by mail meant that the count of the primaries held on June 23 could not yet be finished.

Signs that paint a complicated scenario for an election on which the president himself has already dropped suspicion of fraud, insisting that voting by mail is not safe and that the election will be rigged.

The prospect of rising remote voting and a tight result taking days or even weeks for a winner to be proclaimed, with a president obsessed with his ego and a legion of supporters addicted to conspiracy theories, portends a hellish end to the election. of the pandemic.

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