Elizabeth Warren Plans For Everything in Mathematics

The two won by a landslide, Donald Trump and Joe Biden On Tuesday night in Connecticut, with little noise and even less emotion, the primaries of the two great American parties concluded.

It is hard to believe that, until just six months ago, the conversation in the country was dominated by those massive primaries. Beto O’Rourke portrayed by Annie Leibovitz for the cover of Vanity Fair.

The world learning to pronounce Boot-edge-edge, Elizabeth Warren’s plans for everything mathematics of Andrew Yang. Michael Bloomberg’s millions .

The Strokes Singing by Bernie Sanders. The resurrection of Biden in South Carolina. And Donald Trump nicknamed everyone from the pulpit of crowded auditoriums across the country.

Today when the country prepares to enter the final stretch of the campaign towards a historic election, it all seems like a remote memory. A past without 5.3 million people with covid. Without almost 168,000 deaths Without 16.3 million unemployed. No masks. No quarantines. Without confinements.

With the start of the Democratic Convention, the United States plunges this Monday into the final stretch of the strangest campaign in its modern history.

The elections of the pandemic. In a normal 2020, Democrats would have already officially nominated Joe Biden from crowds at the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) convention, which was initially scheduled for mid-July.

All eyes would now be on Donald Trump, who would be preparing to make a show of force at the Republican Convention, in Charlotte (North Carolina), throwing flowers at the vigor of an economy rising to an unstoppable cycle of growth. This was followed by packed rallies. The airplanes. The thousands of volunteers knocking on the doors.

But the damn SARS-CoV-2 pathogen has changed everything. This, the democratic process of the great power, too. The way to campaign. The way to vote. The issues that will weigh when doing it.

These have long been talked about as historic elections. The validation of the most polarizing and extravagant president in recent history or his reduction to a mere parenthesis.

The definitive end of the world order in force since the end of the cold war or the beginning of its reconstruction and its strengthening as a default scenario.

Now, to that must be added the election of the president in charge of rebuilding a country crushed by a virus, of lifting the United States from the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, of defining the new normal.

There will be conventions, like every four years, and they will last four days each. This week, the Democrat; the one that comes, the republican.

There will be political speeches, including those accepting Trump and Biden. The televisions will cover them in prime time . But, like so much in recent months, the conventions of the pandemic will be something very different.

Speakers will not speak to euphoric crowds in funny hats, there will be no balloons falling from the ceiling. They will speak on a set or in an office, with no more skin than that of their advisers. On August 5, Biden announced that he will not be going to Milwaukee to deliver his acceptance speech.

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